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Weight loss treatments for all

Weight loss treatments for all


What is Obesity Medicine (Bariatric Medicine) ?

Obesity is an increasing problem worldwide and is often associated with underlying metabolic problems such as Type 2 diabetes. The risk of obesity depends on where the fat is; those with more internal (visceral) fat are more likely to have Type 2 diabetes, Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease, which has become one of the leading causes of cirrhosis worldwide, and vascular complications such as increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Obesity, and particularly insulin resistance, also impacts on fertility and the safety of any future pregnancies.

We offer a comprehensive review of your metabolic state to investigate for underlying disorders and provide help with optimising weight loss, linking in with top level bariatric surgeons, psychologists and dietitians where appropriate and using the latest medical therapies.


Treatment available for weight loss

There are no instant solutions but we have a wealth of experience in weight management, optimising diet, managing eating behaviours and utilising the available medical treatments such as Saxenda (3mg liraglutide) for obesity and type 2 diabetes which often co-exist. We have links to world-class bariatric surgeons and psychologists where indicated.

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