Frequently asked questions

What is pricing and payment structure at your clinic?

Whether you are using private health insurance or paying for your treatment yourself, the process is simple and allows you to focus fully on getting better. There are these options Private medical Insurance Self Payment or bank transfer Note we use Sum up payment system in all our clinics and would provide you a receipt at the time of any payment.

What happens during my first visit?

You will be seen by our Consultant and together you will start to work out your pathway (see our information for patients page please).

Can I use an insulin pump if I have type 2 Diabetes?

Our team can help to achieve better control of type 2 diabetes. If you are giving 2-3 insulin injections each day our team can help you use an insulin pump in some specific circumstances. Please fill our online form and discuss with our team members.

How should I count Carbohydrates to manage my diabetes?

It is important for you to count your carbohydrates to calculate insulin you might need prior to your meals. You can reduce the risk of low or high bloos sugars if you are able to count your carbohydrates appropriately. Our trained specialist nurse and dietician can help with all the principles to achieve this quickly.

What do I need to know prior to my appointment?

We want to ensure that all aspects of your treatment are looked after as efficiently as possible, including the processing of all bills. If you have a private medical insurance, we will usually settle your bill directly with your insurance company and to do this we will need name of your insurer, the scheme that you are on and your policy number. You should contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to check your level of cover and request an authorization number. If you are paying for your own treatment note that our partners will charge a fee separate to that of your consultant for any tests, investigations or treatment carried out at their facilities. Please note it is our policy to take Credit or Debit card details from all patients and we also use Sum Up secure link service to collect any charges. A copy of our terms and conditions can be available on request from us. Your consultant will require a referral letter from your GP but please bring it with you to your appointment (unless you have emailed it to us in advance). If you have any queries or this appointment is not convenient, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07801435928. Please be aware that our privacy notice with regards to the data we collect about you.

What are your urgent and non urgent consultation fee charges?

Our Fee for initial non urgent consultation will not exceed £300 and our fee for any non urgent follow up consultation will not exceed £200. This estimates are correct at the date of this letter. For urgent (less than 24 hour) bookings please liasie with our team for breakdown of our charges.

What are charges for blood tests or Xray or Ultrasound scan?

During or following the consultation you may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging, for example X ray, CT scan) to help us diagnose your condition. If the test is undertaken by our partner, the fees for these tests will be determined by them and charged directly to you or your private medical insurance. If there are any fees which we will charge in relation to any tests I advise that you have, we will let you know what those will be.